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Phoebe teaches a breath led practice bringing awareness to alignment, meditation and the philosophical roots of yoga and is skilled at tailoring the practice to the needs of the class, creating space for students to learn and develop at their own pace.

1-1 and group classes are musical and structured to be just challenging enough to get that ‘yoga high’, which is great for releasing tension from the body and mind and getting through the to do-list without being stressed.

With 15 years experience in learning and development, she takes a structured and facilitation approach to leading workshops, bringing together her various experience and studies.

Regular classes

Honey flow and Hatha classes at One Yoga London in Hornsey. Click here to book 

Yoga for mental health at Shoe Lane Library with Balance Garden – free classes from Dragon Cafe in the City.  Find out more.


Head over to the events page for upcoming workshops, or use the form below to book one in your space

Previous workshop topics

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Finding your voice

Yoga for singers

The teacher’s voice – voice use while teaching asana

Philosophy study circle

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