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Our voice is more than our vocal chords – it is what we say, how we say it and the impact that has in both our inner (ourselves) and outer worlds (others). Almost any yoga teacher will tell you that yoga is about posture, breath and an easy confidence, using techniques to master the mind and body. Almost any singing teacher or performance coach will tell you the same!  Voice is a full-bodied experience so to have impact, we need to be physically open and flexible. Yoga is therefore, voice’s best mate (yoga’s got a lot of best mates).

Phoebe brings yoga, her own training and experience as a singer, public speaker and NLP coach to help others find their authentic voice.  She’s a professional voice user, with 25 years experience in singing and 15 in training and public speaking.  She’s not your usual singing teacher and won’t necessarily make you sing scales by the piano. But sessions will start with some light physical exercises, more exploratory than strenuous.

The breath is an important part of using your voice so some easy yoga stretches and breathing techniques can really improve your voice.  Read more about Phoebe’s approach and try out a short yoga practice.

Phoebe White is a skillful and creative yoga teacher and voice coach. Since 2018 she has been sharing her knowledge and passion for yoga and voice-work on my 200-hr yoga teacher trainings for the teacher trainees in London. Her work has been much appreciated by both myself and the teacher trainees. If you are a teacher who wish to develop the connection with and expression of your voice, then I highly recommend Phoebe’s work. Her teaching methodology is clear and original, warm and welcoming. Any student of yoga (or student of life!) would be lucky to cross paths with her.

Eleonora Ramsby Herrera, Senior Yoga Teacher, E-RYT 500, YACEP, PhD Candidate. 

What happens in a 1-1 voice coaching session

So much about how we speak or sing is informed by how we think and feel, so she’ll explore your motivations for wanting to sing or speak publicly and why it’s important to you.

Sessions will then be tailored to your goals.  Ok, there may be a little lie above, you might sing some scales by the piano as they’re really good practice, but Phoebe’s style of teaching aims to help you sing what you love to sing or speak well what you need to say.  You may be asked to bring a favourite piece of music (or the instrument you sing along to) or reading to work with.


1-1 lessons, £60/ hour (£180 for 4 lessons when paid in advance)

Group sessions, £25/ hour per person (no more than 5 per group)

Courses and workshops for bigger groups can also be arranged.

Depending on location of lesson, travel expenses may be charged.


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