There’s no point writing it, if you’re not going to share it.

My first public performance was when I was five years old, at a family wedding. No one asked me to do it, I just entertained the whole room. And I was about eight when I wrote my first song, at least attempted to.

Without music, I am not me.


I’m writing all the time – its like an obsession. I’ve been told my eclectic approach to musical story telling travels through country and folk to soul and rock.

I released my first EP ‘The Grey Ribbon Road’ in 2014 (there’s a whole story here!). These are five original compositions bled from the depths of my heart – my heart seems to speak soulful folk with an insightful relational and political edge. Have a listen and let me know what you think.

I feel really lucky to be a part of a musical community and the collaborations I’ve got on the go. Keep checking back here, there’s a ton of new writing on the way. See some work in progress.


I co-lead The Artery, a community of musicians and music lovers in North London. Bringing people together for regular evenings is an absolute joy… and is a kind of yoga for me. We’ve had the best jams and I’ve learned loads from these peers – musicians of all levels and backgrounds, both up and coming artists and established performers. Follow us on YouTube or Instagram for a selection of videos. On Facebook for our weekly live feed or better, subscribe to our mailing list to join in.

Performing AND STUDIO

Since my teens I’ve gathered experience and study to develop versatility as a singer, musician and performer through many collaborations, choirs, backing vox gigs, rock bands and session work (there’s some name dropping* below… if that’s at all important to you).

As a studio artist, my voice is a pleasure to produce (its my favourite compliment to receive) and as I’m able to deliver a vocal line numerous ways melodically and emotionally, we get the job done efficiently.

I’m currently working in a backing vocal group…. there’s some new stuff dropping on that real soon…

I also love to coach singers and speakers on voice use, find out more about voice coaching here

Listen to some live choir recordings

*Name drops

On live vocals: backing for Mott the Hoople, Ian Hunter and the Rant Band, Glen Matlock, Ginger Wildheart, Tracie Hunter and Elizabeth Westwood (Westworld), Taurus Trakker, Jim Jones, Quireboys, Rotten Hill Gang. Also a third of The Rebelles (three part harmony punk rock covers – album available) and a Blues Kitchen Gospel choir soloist 2014-16.

In the studio: Mick Jones, Gary McPherson, Tracie Hunter, Taurus Trakker, Steve Brown, John Paul Pryor and the Sirens of Titan’s, The Future Shape of Sound, Steve Conte, Ginger Wildheart, Folk Grinder, Jez Leather, James Hallawell.

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