What is it and how do I know when I’ve got it?

A workshop on zoom to explore our strength, find our roots and practice the art of letting go.

I’m pleased to announce these two opportunities to join this 90 minute workshop. We’ll break down what it means to be resilient in current times, and will discuss new ideas for how to cultivate and preserve our ability to stay strong without breaking.


Yep, I love to talk.

I’m an engaging speaker and skilled story teller. Experienced with group dynamics and event design, my workshops (and even talks) create a structure and space where everyone can share what they know freely and pick up new learning easily.

I’m an intuitive group facilitator skilled at using the Open Space method and running co-production events. I’ve also delivered numerous skills-based workshops and staff engagement events in workplaces on diversity, coaching teams, development, management and interpersonal topics. I also run yoga workshops and classes.

To learn more about my areas of expertise, check out some of my stories here or see my credentials on my LinkedIn profile.

Contact: phoebewhiteconsulting@gmail.com

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